Sunday, July 12, 2009

Both boys in the hospital

On Friday evening, I came to the hospital to relieve Audri so she could go home and get some rest. She went home and spent about two hours with JD before determining that he needed to come to the ER. JD had been sick since Sunday night with what we thought was a stomach bug but, as we found out in the ER, he had an appendicitis.

They admitted him to the hospital early Saturday morning and put him a room next door to Jacob. He was in a fair amount of pain but got some sleep before he had a procedure to drain the affected area, that seems to have lessened his pain considerably and allowed him to sleep through the night. Currently, he is doing better and eating some Cheerios and drinking apple juice. He is feeling much better and expected to have surgery in four to six weeks to remove all the remainders of this appendix.

Jacob is about the same and both boys are expected to go home early this next week.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Month since last post....

It has been a month since our last post, too many plans to say a lot and saying nothing instead. Jacob is back at CHOA, he had some GI problems on Tuesday and they admitted him that evening. JD was sick with a stomach bug starting on Sunday night but we are not sure the two are related. Jacob is supposed to come home today, we will see what happens.

Over the past month, Jacob has been growing and getting used to living at home. He enjoys looking around more and weighs around 12 lbs. Thank you all for your support.