Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Psalm 44:4

Jacob now weighs in at 3lbs 8oz and is doing well. He takes between 2-3 of his feedings by bottle each day, and they should continue to increase this if he continues to tolerate it. He is scheduled to have an MRI of his brain today and will have a repeat hearing exam next week. He is now in a "crib" and seems to really enjoy it.

We have the "results" back from some of the genetic tests, but they are inconclusive at this point. Jacob is missing a small part of one of his chromosomes, but the geneticists can't determine the significance of this finding without testing both Daniel and I as well. So, we are still waiting.....
Please continue to pray for Jacob and for the rest of us.
"You are my King, O God; Command victories for Jacob" Psalm 44:4

Friday, February 20, 2009

PICC line is out!

Jacob pulled his PICC line partially out today, and instead of putting it back in, the doctor decided to up his feedings and take it completely out. So, Jacob is now fully on tube feedings (i.e. breastmilk) and shouldn't need to go back to the PICC line! He should be able to come out of his Isolette bed soon and be moved to a "crib" (hopefully this weekend). Thank you all for your continued prayers!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

No bottle for now...

Baby Jacob is still growing. He now weighs 3lbs 3oz. His feedings are at 4cc every 1 hour (continuous) through the tube right now, and he has been taken completely off the bottle feedings. This has happened because he has been having trouble keeping down his food. The doctors are pretty sure that it is just a reflux problem and are not too concerned. However, if he continues to have trouble feeding, they will need to look closer at his intestines, etc. Please pray that Jacob will do well with his feedings and be able to increase them enough to come off the IV nutrition and to start bottle feeding again soon. They say it will still be at least a few weeks minimum before he can come home.
The doctors are also telling us that Jacob has some rare condition or syndrome, but they haven't been able to pinpoint it yet. This suspicion started when Audri was 10 weeks pregnant, due to the ultrasound images, so we are not surprised at the news now. He has numerous markers and features that they are looking at, but because of the length of time it takes to do most gene tests (3-6 months), they may not be able to confirm a diagnosis for awhile. We have no idea what the future holds for us or for Jacob, but we know that God has His hand on us and Jacob. HE is completely in control of all of this "and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose".

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Today was the first day that Audri was able to feed Jacob with a bottle. He is still taking one bottle a day, but his feedings have been cut back to 9cc, from 18cc, every three hours after an issue keeping it all down last night. Please continue to pray that he grows and can up his feedings.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Jacob took a bottle today!

This morning, Jacob took his feeding from a bottle (all 12 cc). His oxygen went down at the end of the feeding a little, but he is doing well. They will continue to give him one feeding of breastmilk a day through the bottle, with the others still being from the tube. He is also still receiving most of his "nutrition" through the IV. It is being gradually decreased as the tube feedings are being gradually increased. Jacob has been moved to an isollette bed (incubator) to help him maintain his temperature and to decrease stimulation. We are still waiting on many of the test results at this point, so the doctors do not have a diagnosis. It does appear that Jacob has some hearing loss (moderate in left ear and severe in right ear), but they will repeat the test in a few weeks. We're praying that God will heal his ears and the test will show an improvement. We are still waiting, waiting, and waiting for answers......

Monday, February 9, 2009

3 lbs!

Jacob has reached the 3lb mark tonight; he may still lose a few ounces, but we are thrilled he is growing. They have also increased his feedings to 6cc (a tad over a teaspoon) every 3 hours through the tube. As long as he tolerates it well (which he has so far), they will continue to increase the amount everyday! We can't wait for him to come home, although it may still be a little while.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Baby Jacob is Here!

Baby Jacob was born on February 3 at 6:44 p.m. He was delivered after it was discovered that he had stopped growing in the womb and the blood flow to him was beginning to be compromised. We were not expecting him to arrive so soon, but are grateful he is here and doing well. He will likely spend his first month (give or take) at Northside Hospital.
He weighed 2 lbs 11.3 oz at birth and did not need any breathing assistance the first night. This update will be slightly long as a lot has happened in the last week. Jacob has spent his time so far in a warmer bed and will remain there until he can maintain his own temperature. He is being monitored constantly (temp, oxygen, heart rate, etc). His nutrition is being provided through a PICC line (IV), but he has had some tube feedings. They will gradually wean him off the PICC line and onto full tube feeding. Currently, he is taking 3 cc (less than a teaspoon!) of breastmilk every 3 hours. Audri is pumping every 3 hours at home and taking it to the hospital daily.

He did end up needing some breathing assistance on his 2nd & 3rd days via CPAP (see picture), but he is currently breathing completely on his own! He was jaundice as well, but is now off of the phototherapy as well. Jacob's heart is doing well. He has had 2 EKGs and is scheduled for another one this week. He does have a small VSD, but the Cardiologist does not expect him to need any medical treatment for it at this point. On Thursday, his platelets were low, so he needed a transfusion. They have stayed up since then!

Audri has gotten to hold him a couple of times and Daniel was able to feed him on Friday using a syringe in his tube. JD talks about baby Jacob often and has gotten to see some pictures. He won't be able to see Jacob until he comes home from the hospital. JD has a picture of Jacob that he "kisses and hugs" often. Daniel will be returning to work this week, while Audri & JD stay in Atlanta. Please continue to pray for all of us, especially for baby Jacob. We are so blessed to have so many people praying for us and supporting us during this time. We are even more blessed to know that God is in control of everything and will be with each of us every step of the way.